About Us


The idea for BODX was birthed on a peak hour train as the founder, Lynne McFarlane, was sitting on a busy carriage desperately wanting to put her hand down her pants!

She was once again wearing an uncomfortable bodysuit with metal clips digging into her you know what! Not wanting to give up this classic staple in her wardrobe, it was in that moment she decided she was going to find a solution to this every day fashion problem.

She knew she wasn't the only one that struggled with bodysuits, and as she asked her colleagues and girlfriends about their experience with bodysuits they all told a funny story about a misfortunate incident they had in a bodysuit, which resulted in many women giving up wearing them.

After a year of working on various prototypes with different fastener options (and thanks to her Mum's sewing experience) the first magnetic bodysuit was created.

From there we utilised the expertise of A Fitting Connection to manufacture and bring the BODX Bodysuit to you. 

The BODX is comfortable and easy to do up, and going to the bathroom in a bodysuit has never been better!

BODX is inspired by INNOVATION, EVERY DAY COMFORT and a belief that as women we should NOT TOLERATE things in our lives that don't make us happy!

We will continue to bring you more styles, colours and sizes and we welcome your feedback to help create the most comfortable and stylish bodysuit and fashion products. 

We would love to see you wearing your BODX Bodysuit. Follow and tag us on Instagram and Facebook @bodxbodysuits and on Tik Tok @ The_x_life for all the behind the scenes footage and inspiration on living your best life. 

Contact us: hello@bodx.com.au